Well, this look intriguing:

A Lord of the Rings-inspired space opera wants to connect you with African mythology

Artist Paul Louise-Julie counts among his inspirations the words of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, the images of Star Wars and the whispers of a Senegalese elder who opened his eyes to the oral history of West Africa.
Six years ago, he challenged himself to combine these influences with his skill as an artist and his desire to tell African stories. One of the results of this endeavor is Yohancè, an upcoming futuristic space opera rich with imagery influenced by ancient African culture and design, which aims to connect people with Africa’s past by creating a new mythology inspired by the continent.

The article is from earlier this year, and the comic is out now, according to the Facebook page. Definitely want to check this one out, but it'll need to go on a wishlist for now. I'm on a book-buying moratorium until I read a few more of the one I already own.