Birthday pie and Shakespeare in the Park

This is a long one because I’m planning a bit of a NY adventure to celebrate my birthday this year. I’ll be lining up twice (boo) for free tickets (yay!) to Shakespeare in the Park (Midsummer Night’s Dream) on Saturday, July 15th.

Also: there will be pie.

Tickets will be available that day at the regular locations in Central Park, but the chances of my ever getting up at the crack of dawn, taking that train ride, and lining up early enough in the morning to make that happen are *super* slim. So, I’ll be hoping to take advantage of borough distribution, which is near my house that day at: Brooklyn Children’s Museum, 145 Brooklyn Ave. I’ll be there museum at 11am, because 1 hour early is all I’m willing to give it. I’m hoping to get my vouchers by 1pm (ish), but we’ll see how motivated my fellow free-culture vultures are that day!

PIE BREAK: After we get vouchers, we’ll be heading over to Daly Pie (665 Vanderbilt Avenue). I’m planning to have a savory pie for lunch and bring a piece of sweet pie to Central Park to enjoy during the play, but you do you! Treats are welcome—Delacorte Theater says food/beverages allowed, no glass containers, and everything must fit under your seat.

At about 3pm, we’ll head to the train for the trek to the park and line #2. I’m aiming to get to the theater to exchange my vouchers at about 4pm (one-hour early rule), and we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully, we’ll get in, we’ll get seats, and we’ll get to watch this well-loved tale of patriarchy in full-on dick mode.

giphy (3).gif

If we don’t get in (#ThanksOberon) we’ll find a spot—it’s a park, after all—where we can hang out for a bit and console ourselves with pie.

A NOTE ABOUT TICKET VOUCHERS AND TICKETS: Ticket vouchers will be distributed between 12PM (noon) and 2PM, while supplies last. ONE (1)  ticket per voucher, TWO (2) vouchers per person (age 5 and up). Vouchers only good for tickets on the day of, and must be exchanged at the Delacorte Theater Box Office in Central Park between 5PM and 7:30PM (thus the lining up twice). Show starts at 8, unless rain delayed.

A NOTE ABOUT THE WEATHER: As a reminder, Delacorte Theater is an open-air (i.e. outside) venue. According to the theater, shows rarely get rained out, but do sometimes get rain delayed. No open umbrellas allowed in the theater, so if it looks like rain, bring a poncho.

Please let me know if you're in for any of this adventuring and, if so, what part. And feel free to bring friends—it’s free shakespeare and pie, so the more, the merrier.


  1. Takers for the voucher line meetup, please let me know if you’ll need both of the vouchers you’re able to get.
  2. I’m guessing anyone meeting us just for pie can aim pretty safely for 2pm. (We may get there a little earlier if we get lucky with the first line. We may not.)
  3. Trains on the weekend can be unpredictable. Trains from Brooklyn to Manhattan can be unpredictable. Free-ticket lines can be unpredicatable. THIS MEANS THAT ALL TIMES ARE BEST-GUESS. If I’ve got your phone number and I know you’re meeting us somewhere, I'll update if it seems necessary (no tickets, no train, no seats). Aside from that, you can expect a few specific updates:
    • an ETA when I leave the voucher line for pie
    • an ETA when we leave for the park
    • an update on location when we arrive at the exchange line
    • an on location update when we've got seats

If we're holding seats for anyone, we'll hold them as long as we can, but I'm not trying to get into a fight over free seats on my birthday weekend. No, I promise—I'll be on my best behavior!

Hope to see some of you.