"And just 'cause they give you shit don't mean you have to take it"

I wouldn't normally know about this, so I'm especially glad that Damon at Very Smart Brothas wrote about it. It would have been a pity (for me) if I'd missed it.

As I said elsewhere today, this is either a thesis, a syllabus, or both. Somewhere, there’s a kid who is going to study this—analyze it, hunt down every source, read every novel and play, listen to every song quoted or referenced, learn about the lives and the work of every name dropped. Think about the education that kid is going to get!

Now think about the exceedingly narrow chance that said education will be equally valued, encouraged, supported, funded, facilitated, and validated by the arbiters of educational access and academic achievement.

Now think about how much slimmer the chance becomes if the kid starts with, “In Black Thought’s single-take, 10-minute-long Hot 97 freestyle...”

Please also watch Funkmaster Flex's face during this performance.