She-Ra reboot coming to Netflix


I was prepared to be very snarky about this. It always bothered me that Adam became He-Man by channeling "the power of Grayskull," while Adora's transformation to She-Ra happened "for the honor of Grayskull." He-Man was plenty loving, but his intro was just BIG STRONG AWESOME. She-Ra was plenty strong, but she you had to get through the crappy song about the honor and power of love and an intro so obviously derivative that even 9 year old me rolled her eyes at it. And even though she got strong and had friends and was leading a rebellion, I could tell that something about her was...soft. He-Man hung around with "THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" (cue echo sound effect). She-Ra was...the Princess of Power. Adam/He-Man got a giant skull castle with a jaw-bridge, and Adora/She-Ra got a Crystal Castle. Adam had "fabulous secret powers" revealed to him, while Adora/She-Ra just had "fabulous secrets." Adam had a pet tiger named Kringer, who changed into an *even bigger* tiger named Battle Cat; Adora had a horse named Spirit that become a winged unicorn named Swift Wind.

Now, don't get me wrong: nine-year-old me was very excited about the winged unicorn. I had the toy. But it's hard to argue with a ginormous green and yellow tiger in battle armor.

She-Ra was definitely a badass, but it was like they couldn't just let her be badass without making sure to reinforce the gender training. And, no: nine-year-old me didn't know anything about gender training. She just thought it was crappy that, somehow, She-Ra never felt quite as awesome as He-Man. She's LEADING A GODDAMNED REBELLION. That's awesome! But He-Man's real name is "Adam." A perfectly neutral name to 9-year-old ears. She-Ra's name? "Adora." Gee, you think her name has anything to do with the power of love? (Yes: there was, at some point, a *terrible* intro that said "rebellion" a zillion times. But it didn't last long, I don't think. And it was terrible.)

41-year old me clearly still has some feelings about this grave injustice. And I was prepared to be very snarky about this reboot idea. But maybe there's hope:

The series—which will be showrun by the Eisner-winning Lumberjanes co-creater Noelle Stevenson—will be a reboot of the classic 1985 sister series to He-Man.

I haven't read Lumberjanes, but I've heard nothing but good things. With the co-author of a comic series featuring a diverse group of "hardcore lady types" at the helm, will this new She-Ra will be allowed to embrace being "The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe"? It's unlikely that I'll watch, but I'll look forward to reviews and responses.

And I'm kind of hoping she still gets a flying unicorn. But maybe now Spirit is female, too, and Swift Wind looks more like this. A girl can dream, right?